Sunday, September 17, 2006


Just a little note to say that this story sprung from the original photo (Act One). I only intended to post the picture, but the story spontaneously appeared in my mind's eye, and then the other photos jumped out and became part of their journey and eventual transformation.

How funny that this happened. It almost took on a life of its own, as if the story had to be told. I have tried to rearrange the posts so that they can be read down in sequence, but i couldn't seem to do this, and so unfortunately they are in reverse order, from end to beginning. I guess you can choose which way round to read them, but it may make more sense to scroll down to act one and read backwards (which doesn't quite work...grrr). Sorry about that.

Funny also, how now I can see the moral of the story, though this wasn't (consciously) intended.


Blogger edwin s said...

G'day Pod!

Thanks for popping into KLDP! Just because you're the first to comment today, I'm more than happy to share my picture size adjustments. here you go!

By default, Blogger has three image size ranges - small, medium, and large. In pixel size, I believe this equates to 200px, 320px, 400px. So, this means we can bypass bloggers defaults by forcing the image size simply by adding a width property at the end of the img tag in the "edit html" tab when you create your post....width="550"

Here is an example Changing blogger image sizes

A second thing to note is that when you upload an image to Blogger, Blogger creates a second, smaller image (400 pixels), and that is the image displayed by default. 

If you are going to use the width property to enlarge this default display it will appear blockish/pixelated, so, you need to change the image that is displayed which will be your uploaded image - represented by the "1600" image.

Look at your "edit html" code and you will see two img tags - one that has the number 1600 in it and another that has 400 - replace 400 with 1600.

Finally, if your template restricts or contraints the image size, you will need to enlarge the template area by looking for "#content" and "#main" and change their width properties - BEWARE - only do this after you have made a backup of your template code or BAD things can happen if you change the wrong things!

To make a backup - do a select all (control-A keys) - copy and paste into a text file - save to your computer.

Have a great day! And I love your pictures.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Pod said...

hi edwin - thanks for that. i fear i shall blow up my blog if i try. perhaps i shoud have a go. will keep my poddy eye on your photos!

7:33 PM  
Anonymous Mimmu said...

I am happy, you was thinking nicely about some my pictures! I am sorry, you could not leave a comment.
Somebody else also have said same thing. I have Beta version and I leave my comments not "Blogger" but "Other" and I use then my blogname.
Could somebody tell, what`s the problem.
And quite another thing. Now at least I hate my poor English, It could be so fun to write like you do. But you can laugh for my unintentional mistakes, that`s very comforting:)

12:49 AM  
Blogger Pod said...

thanks mimmu. i think i was successful in leaving a comment this morning? mimmu is such a great name, especially for someone that found a rare finnish truffle. how did you find it? did you sniff it out? i am intrigued

10:59 AM  
Blogger Kitty said...

Oh that was so lovely. Made me go all drippy again. I usually try to keep things together at work too!! I shall be very gentle with the next trolley I use.

Thanks for visiting chez moi. It’s nice to have new visitors. And Molly is wonderful. And yes, I should have wee-ed on his seat – I could quite easily have done too!!

No, you weren’t confused, there was another post! But I went for a walk, shed a few more tears and took it down. I think it just helped to write really. It’s funny though, I’m never sure what is real – the maudlin feelings late at night, or the more “let’s just get on and do things” feelings I have during the day. But thanks. I thought no-one had seen it!!!
Must get on and do things now!! I even wore a red dress today to try and cheer myself up.

6:28 PM  
Blogger Pod said...

le chat! both feelings are real, it depends which you want to pay more attention to. bad feelings can motivate necessary change, but 'getting on' is pften the best way to 'get on'. my next post was what i kinda wanted you to see. have a better day in your red dress. just leave the troliies near the undies isle, they love it! thanks for swinging by!

7:18 PM  
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