Friday, April 20, 2007


Pod is free from pain! Hurrah! Pod can chew again! Hooray! Thanks for all the well wishes, it all helps. And so now I am off to the Land of Birthdays for further pampering. Hurrah again! Have a liberating weekend


Blogger FirstNations said...

yay for you!
that sounds so horrible, my darling. go out and take pictures. lots of pictures. make the memory go away!

scratch my nose.

1:06 PM  
Blogger J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Yeah for you!

Isn't pain the great awakener?

Nothing else will make you focus on life more than a good dose of pain will. But, I'm glad you are now pain free.

Cool photo, by the way!

You have a great weekend too, Poddie O' Pod!

P.S. - I'm amazed that I'm poster #2 - this time the time difference worked in my favor. ;-)

3:26 PM  
Blogger Meg said...

Happy Birthday... Ummm... The bottom of the poster says "Scratch my" what???

5:03 PM  
Blogger alice said...

Great! May I advise you to avoid caramels...?

5:26 PM  
Blogger lettuce said...

free is good! just don't overwork that jaw too much ;op

Happy happy PodDay, have a great weekend.

5:29 PM  
Blogger TotallyUn-Pc said...

Greetings again from Blighty old bean, sorry to hear you've been under the weather, but your on track to being fighting fit again is grand news indeed. Pip Pip what!

Anyway.... is there an explaination for the video posted a few blogs ago, or was I just required to climb aboard the cosmic ride!?

10:02 PM  
Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

Yay!! Just in time so you can celebrate properly.

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y !! to you and the Queen. Hope your day and the coming year are delicious, full of fun, good health, creativity, and inspiration.

I'm so happy you were born!

10:36 PM  
Blogger Ratzfatz said...

yeepppyyy ... free of pain! Thats sound good! I wish you a nice weekend my friend!!

11:17 PM  
Blogger Robert said...

Hurray is right! Have a fantastic weekend!! Oright, take pictures!! [but I needn't tell you that! heh!]

2:29 AM  
Blogger alice said...

"Caramels", does this word not exist? I wanted to speak about toffeeswhich are very bad for teeth...;-)Thank you for commenting on my open space, it's also my favorite.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear this and I love this silly photo. Nice perspective. Have a great pain free weekend ;)

3:54 AM  
Blogger Bobby D. said...

Happy Birthday Dearest Pod,
I am so happy you are pain free!

4:53 AM  
Blogger raindog said...

strange things are afoot at the 7-11. or was it a circle k? hmmm. can't remember the line. anyway, welcome back pain-free pod! and an interesting photo to boot. :)

6:42 AM  
Blogger ben said...

welcome back pod!

9:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, this is supposed to cue a comment on you having a pretty mouth or something, isn't it?
ha, never saw it, don't know what it is.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

FREE pod!
Yeah, free from pain!

11:33 AM  
Blogger Bobby D. said...

this is a clue? just tell me what the 70s show was! I didn't watch Tv back then, but maybe saw it in reruns.

1:31 PM  
Blogger lettuce said...

Lost in Space?

Star Trek?

Hope you're having a fab. fab. birthday.


9:06 PM  
Blogger raindog said...

tis a pod birthday? make it a good one! happy birthday!

12:53 AM  
Blogger Steve Reed said...

Bloody hell, I was going to get on here early and wish you a happy birthday, and instead I'm incredibly late. Oh well. I really DO mean it.

Funny poster, though I have to admit when I first saw that photo, I thought, "Who knew there were 7-11s in Australia?"

2:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have a fabbers day Podders. With lots of hugs and Mrs. Crofts says.....'Have you ever heard of Pod's Birthdaaaaaay?' And runs off screaming.

Everybody loves you Podders.

Sometimes we find shells on the beaches of our lives and we pick them up and keep them forever. Listening to the lovely sea-sounds that they make. Lovely shell Podxxxx

3:47 AM  
Blogger Washington Cube said...

Happy Birthday Pod'ster. You and Queen Lizzie:

April 21

You are heading towards a good period—socially, economically and academically. Your life will be full of joy, mirth and recreation. If employed, you can expect some change in the nature of your work. It is likely to be less taxing and less burdensome. You will be in a much better position to prove your worth. Try to balance your personal and professional lives.

WHAT-evah. ;)

3:51 AM  
Blogger The fabric of my life said...

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Poooooooooooooood
Happy Birthday to yoooooooooo

Hope it's a good one sweetie. A belated parcel will be winging its way to you soon x

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bon Anniversaire to the very very bad photographer!...

Good to hear your pain is over.

10:53 AM  
Blogger ramblingwoman said...

Hi Pod, sorry for being so tardy! And I missed all your drama - I'm glad it's all over now though, and in a way it's better I missed it because I would have felt compelled to tell you that when my mum had a similar procedure they broke her jaw yanking so hard! (she had a general anaesthetic though).

Popcorn is a thing to avoid now too! Is is me but popcorn just gets stuck in my teeth so much I can't enjoy it anymore!

Thanks for Gotye - I loved him. Very like Peter Gabriel don't you think? (who I like too).

My email is

Enjoy your birthday. xxxxxx

(I've rambled on again.)

4:11 PM  
Blogger lettuce said...

don't squish the tadpoles with all that quaking.

7:43 PM  
Blogger Pod said...

FN - i'll scratch ought of yours! ;0p

JD - not sure about that. painfree life makes me focus on life!

MEG - nose....? thanks

ALICE - but i love toffee...

LETTY - yes, i learnt the hard way this weekend that my jaw isn't quite yet capable of all it is capable of, without going into too much detail. ahem. nope nope. keep guessing re thetv show. i shall post another clue soon though. i need my wellies at the mo (gumboots they call 'em here) it is raining very hard! don't i get a smacked botty? oh go on! ;0p

PC - hello again! pip pip indeed! no explaination, just climb aboard and enjoy the ride. ooh, that doesn't sound quite right.... ;o/

REYA - thanks lovely lady. how apt that it is also lizzie's b'day. i am sure there is at least a drop of royal blood coursing through my regal vein...

RATZ - to you too my friend!

ROBERT - and thank you too. i have a crush on a new camera and i almost can't take any photos until i have it safe in my hungry hands!!

ZIPPY - gotta love silliness x

CHED - shan't tell! shan't! more clues afoot...

RAINDOG - circle k? that sounds culty. should i be worried?

MR HUFF - thank ye!

JA - yes please. i am merely fishing for compliments, so please conform or be prepared to take the flack!!

LYNNE - hurray! hurrah! yipee!

STE - no swearing here please! and there i was thinking you were all sweetness and light! 7-11's are everywhere. even in nepal! there is more to oz than the outback, do you realise...?

BUD - your shell is atop my privy, so i think of you at least once a day when i pee. ain't that romantic? haven't received parcel yet? thanks for the card!! xx

CUBE - i actually sense all of those things, so you may be right. thank you!

DONALD - such a beautiful voice...i hope the gifts are to match!

BV - yes, tres tres bad!! ;0p

RAMBLOID - always happy to be rambled upon my you. i know youi were watching in the wings, pointing and laughing when i was suffering!! ;0p

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a bit belated. But! Happy birthday nonetheless, Poddy Dear! How young are you?

3:36 PM  
Blogger Sherry Snowdrop said...

Happy birthday, Pod.

Mine soon too.

Here's the raising of a very naughty glass of sherry to you. Cheers!

2:24 AM  

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