Wednesday, March 14, 2007



Anonymous Lynne said...

If looks could kill, whoever he is looking at would be dead.

I was told by many guys during my dating years (eons ago!) that I had a look that could KILL. One used to call me shark eyes. Lovely thought, that, heh?

From what I've been told, I can still do it.


11:14 AM  
Blogger First Nations said...

vive l' indigene!

11:59 AM  
Blogger Momentary Academic said...

I see... If I stay up until one in the morning, I can be an early commenter on Pod's blog.

Anyway, that young man is GORGEOUS. What a beautiful shot of a beautiful face.

You really know how to take a picture of a person.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Greetings to you and him in the photo, hopefully both of you will look today at somebody more happily.

But portrait is excellent, could you gradually change your name - EX BAD or will soon become a best photographer of this world or WSBPW or . . . :))

5:13 PM  
Blogger bv said...

Smoke I can't see any but flames I do spot plenty.

5:33 PM  
Blogger Wendz said...

Blimey who pee'd on his parade?

Thats how my kids look at me when I tell they're being twatty.

5:52 PM  
Blogger lettuce said...

i did indeed have it on.
and me nylon quilted dressing gown.
and went to sleep under me candlewick bedspread with half the tufty bits missing, chewed off....

but you already knew that, didn't you.

He is beautiful.

I, apparently, used to have a "blisters on concrete" look in my younger days.

6:41 PM  
Blogger Steve said...

Looks like your typical sullen teenager!

10:40 PM  
Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

Smolderingly sexy. He could be a model. Wow. Hot.

4:15 AM  
Blogger raindog said...

ouch. not a happy camper. well, at least he was kind enough to give such a captivating image for your camera.

4:47 AM  
Blogger Inconsequential said...

Have you seen the sulky one?
He thinks that he was robbed
And now he broods
Full of impotent fury
Clutching his paddle
And trying to look daggers
At one he believes
Stole his flounder
The one that got away
And ran to the arms of another
Ahh, how sport mocks life
What girl will want him now
Fishless boy amongst triumphant men
Knuckles white on paddle haft
Tantrum showing for all to mock
Sulky fishless boy
Have you seen him?

7:03 AM  
Blogger d. chedwick bryant said...

He's very sexy. not like the guy in the dogsuit!

10:05 AM  
Blogger Josy said...

Ooh oo oo oo oo. I like it when you take your eyes off the sky and start looking at peoples.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

Another excellent shot. Really powerful.

7:49 PM  
Blogger herhimnbryn said...

Beautiful smoulder.

9:16 PM  
Blogger Washington Cube said...

Isn't that interesting: I see a concentrated stare, but not necessarily anger. What choo lookin' at Willis?

12:14 AM  
Blogger Memories Catcher said...

Great shot.I like the composition.Great expression.

2:31 AM  
Blogger Nathalie said...

I'm like Washington Cube, I don't really see anger here either.
Great shot nevertheless. Maybe you could have left this one 'untitled' to see what people saw in those eyes... a mirror image of course.

7:41 AM  
Blogger Olivier said...

Je viens de decouvrir ton blog-photo et vraiment tes photos sont superbes.

I have just discovered your blog-photo and really your photographs are superb. Cheer

8:44 AM  
Blogger J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Oh Pod - yet anothet perfect picture with a perfect title. Say, what kind of men DO you like, anyway? I know what kinds you DON'T like...but what sort of guy gets Pod's attention, eh? The curious want to know!

11:23 AM  
Blogger Chad Oneil said...

Great "mood" shot!

1:45 PM  
Blogger Jazzy said...

ooh he's sexy, very sexy..

8:56 PM  
Blogger etain_lavena said...

liewe aarde POD......he looks so intense, how old is he?
I dont wanna say he is super hot and I get dragged to jail.....hihihihih:)

9:27 PM  
Blogger Joel Reynolds said...

Man, great shot.
Busted out the telephoto lens for this one, eh?
Well done.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous james said...

nice clarity here

4:37 AM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

I dont see anger either. Just intensity and thought, deeply affected by inner thought. I wonder as well, whether the smolder related to you and your own thoughts. We, the voyeur, question ourselves by it hence the title. Don't we smolder ourselves?

Great tension between 'the look' and the watcher here Podxx

Thanking youxx

6:10 AM  
Blogger ramblingwoman said...

Hmmm....maybe he was just pee-ed off because he had to come out and do his stuff when he'd been out onthe lash the night before and had a headache and really really wanted to be somewhere else.

But I like Molly's idea of the watcher and the watched - the 'eye/I' - some Art Historian wrote a book about that once and I can't for the life of me remember his/her name. I will Google.


8:59 PM  
Blogger Donna said...

What a beautiful face. You have taken a great shot Pod.

5:13 AM  
Blogger Molly Bloom said...

Podders, give me a drink of something nice. One day I'm going to come and see you and sit in the sun. Yay!

5:38 AM  
Blogger Pod said...

LYNNE - i shall try n'er to vex you in that case!

FN - ;0)

MA - yes do stay up late on my behalf ;0p

MIMMU - nowhere near the best, but thanks mimmu. what is WSBPW?

BV - ooh!

WENDZ - i'm not surprised using that language young lady!

LETTY - chewed off? by you or the naughty guineas? ;0)

MR REED - i think he was preparing himself to frighten the others

REYA - yup ;0)

DOG - cheers dude

INC - i think some of the girls on here would snap him up?!

CHED - but you never know what may be lurking beneath a dogsuit...?

JOSY - are you getting picky?

BEN - i thank you

HHB - ta ;0)

CUBE - i didn't really think he looked angry either. it is a look that could have many underlying thoughts...

MC - thanks!

NATHALIE - again i almost left it untitled. smolder to me doesn't necessarily denote the brewing of anger tho'

OLIVIER - cheers to you too! and bienvenu ici a pod!

JD - happy friendly folk catch the eye of pod you cheeky sod ;0)

CHAD - cheers

JAZZY - i think he is getting a following!!

LAVENA - you wouldn't be the first!

JOEL - yes i did. i had a bit of a snapping frenzy

JAMES - very concise comment from you!

MOLL - how very true. when are you coming over?? shall i start getting excited already?? xx

RW - i know that feeling! ;0)

DONS - thank you love!

7:49 PM  
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