Sunday, May 04, 2008


This week I lost a very very dear patient. A lady. One in a million. She made a huge impact on me, and I spoke to many folk about how wonderful, amazing and inspirational she was. I told everyone but her. I had planned to take her picture. I had planned to take her out to the movies, or to the theatre. We had such similar taste. We had such a laugh. If we had been young at the same time, we would have caused trouble. It was an honour to have entered her life towards at the end of it, though I am left wanting more. I feel a little stunned. Her passing was also special, and suited her down to the ground. Now of course I regret not telling her how marvellous she was, and not doing the things I wanted to do with her. There lies the lesson.

Folks, I am flying off to Europe for a few weeks, and doubt I shall have time to blog. I will try to where possible, otherwise see you in June.

Stay special hey?