Sunday, April 29, 2007


Thursday, April 26, 2007


After two consecutive nights of being woken by either very heavy rain (which I don't mind), or very drunk Irish folk arguing outside my window (which I do mind), I found myself rather grumpy on waking this morn. A Pod needs his sleep you see. So I felt like knocking on the door of this place, shouting "Emergency! Could I have some happy gas please?!".

Instead I went for a walk in the hidden gem that is Cooper's Park, where I run, but because of all the rain, haven't been able to for a few days. The early morning sun was bouncing off the rain heavy trees, the birds were cheerily celebrating the blue skies, and the spiders were busy mending their rain damaged webs.

Further along I marvelled in the multi-layered smells hanging in the fresh morning air, and the sound of the babbling stream. I was reminded of my previous post (below) and I imagined myself in The Enchanted Wood. And then I saw this...

......and realised that I needn't be a grumpy old Pod. On my way to work, I was standing waiting to cross the road, when a runaway pink balloon drifted by and then up and up and up. Pinky blue. Not an ounce of grump left.

And then a bird shat on me.


Have lucky days!!

Monday, April 23, 2007


POD NOTE: When I was but a Podlette, I was sure that other worlds existed, the otherside of the mirror, the back of the wardrobe, behind a frosty spider web between two branches of a tree. I would often try to reach them, trying hard to get through the back wall of the wardrobe, or looking for trees with split trunks, so that I could climb through into another dimension. Sometimes now, I see little 'signs' that I fantasize point to another place, like the light shining on this one stringy frond. It seemed to me to be pointing somewhere 'else'. Of course 'The Magic Faraway Tree' and 'The Enchanted Wood' are still favourite books of mine (I was rather surprised to hear that they are favourites of none other than Jackie Collins, who apparently wants to make the film versions. How do I know this? More importanly, how do I stop this??). The point being, that to me, this photo was a little enchanting and magic, and I thought perhaps some may like to know this.

I still believe!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Pod is free from pain! Hurrah! Pod can chew again! Hooray! Thanks for all the well wishes, it all helps. And so now I am off to the Land of Birthdays for further pampering. Hurrah again! Have a liberating weekend

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Could this be Pod on the operating table? Did they take out more than a tooth and some bone? Or is this how he is feeling perhaps? Could this infact be a still from a wonderful 70's American TV show?? Maybe there will be a prize for the first correct answer............

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Thanks for all the well wishes. I have to confess the surgery was a little worse than I was expecting! There was a little complication, and the anaesthetic didn't get to all parts of bone. What fun! I did roar a little. Funny what pulling a root can bring up too! But all is well chez Pod now. Normal service will resume shortly.

FOOTNOTE: I realised that I used the word 'little' several times in this post. I guess I must be feeling all wounded and small.....
Boo hoo!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Part of Pod is being removed today (not my frontal lobe). Thanks to my wonderful UK dentist, who used to pin me down and tell me his marital problems, I have to have a tooth removed. Since he didn't seal a root canal properly, the root has crumbled, thus I have to have some of my jaw bone taken away to get it out. Ouch! Hurty...

So as of 2pm today, I shall be incomplete. The first step in a few thousand dollar process. Ouch again!

Oh boo hoo! Oh boo hoo hoo........

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Friday, April 06, 2007


I went to see the awe-inspiring Lisa Gerrard of Dead Can Dance fame t'other night, and was quite blown away. She has the most amazing other-worldy voice. She is on a world tour, so do yourself a favour and get some tickets to see her. For those of you in Old Londinium, she is playing at the Shaftesbury Theatre on Sunday April 29th, and in New York at the Concert Hall, Wednesday May 9th. Check her website for other venues and cities. If you have never heard her, one of my favourite tracks is 'The Host Of Seraphim'. Seek it and listen loud.

Following on from my last photo, I watched the film 'Children Of Men' last night. Very interesting and realistic I thought. I wanted to take photos of the set of course, of England in the future. Have you seen it?

Have a warm and cosy Easter folks.

And forget it not...Pod loves you!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007