Tuesday, November 28, 2006


It seems that lots of Bloggers have been talking about butterflies of late. Is there something going on in our collective consciousness? Or is it just inspiration from other people talking about them? I have noticed anyway, and so here is my contribution.

Butterflies are special to me, because my mum loved them (one of our names for her was 'Little Moth'). As a baby Pod, she would lie with me on the 'bumblebee mat' in the garden and she would show me all the flowers and we would watch bees and butterflies and beetles going about their daily business. As a young girl, Little Moth was given a butterfly wing in a blue and silver necklace. When she heard classical music for the first time on the radio, she didn't know what to do. She was so exhilarated that she bit the pendant, and it still has her little bite mark in it. Toward the end of her life, when she was sick, one time she rushed over to my sister's house all in an apparent panic. All she could say was 'come! come! quick!'. Expecting a drama, my sister ran over and mum led her to the garden, and pointed to the shed, which was magically covered in a wall of fluttering butterflies. They stood together and shed a tear, but just because it was a beautifully happy moment.

There are many more butterfly stories. They have often been present at important times. However, I shan't go on, except to say that about a year after she died, I was seized suddenly by sadness. I had to lie on the floor and I cried from the bottom of my soul. When I eventually stopped sobbing and looked up, two butterflies were dancing in the window for what seemed like ages. I stood up, and one flew in and settled on my nose. It was Little Moth reminding me that really she is still around. I smiled and everything was ok again. I was reassured. My sister later said that the butterfly must have thought that my nose was a stalk and my face a little flower!

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in 'The Wheel Of Life' talks about butterflies too, but I can't properly remember exactly what she says. The point being that they seem important in some way. The Native American Indians believe that they symbolise the air and the mind and the ability to know or change the mind, and that butterfly medicine gives clarity and aids the process of transformation. And so if you are noticing butterflies a lot, they might be asking you to think about where you are in your cycle of evolution and what you need to do next to transform into something even more beautiful than you already are. Or maybe it is someone you love coming to say hello, and reminding you that we do live in beautiful world?

Anyhow, I waffle, so suffice to say thank you to all butterflies, whatever your message to us all is.....

Thanks to Molly , Eleuktra, and Wendz for inspiring this post.

I know this is a bit corny, but hey......

UPDATE - another very scary story involving a butterfly has also just emerged. Read all about it here

Monday, November 27, 2006


I almost spat the dummy this morning (hence the related photo, see?), as Blogger wouldn't let me enlarge my pictures. I got in a right mood; really out of proportion, and I thought 'right, that's it, I ain't bloggin' no more!'. Cue Edwin to the rescue! Thank the good Lord, he saved me once again. Thanks so much Edwin. You are a star, and I definitely owe you a few drinks now. I know you have been a little frustrated of late, so I thought I would combine the dummy reference with that fact, and so here's not just one, but three pairs of legs, naked below the waist, just for you. Thanks ever so kind fellow!

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Hey guys! Just a little plug for a friend of mine. The very clever Dustin. His short film 'Snow' made it to Cannes this year, and rightly so. You could help him to win some cold hard cash by voting for his film here. Just click on 'vote' at the bottom and enter, then verify your email. There is no spam involved. There's only a few days left, and i am sure Dust would appreciate it. You can watch the 14 minute film on the same page, albeit small. Didn't someone say that small ones are more juicy?

I will Pod post shortly. Thanks!!

Friday, November 24, 2006


Every November, Sydney has the Sculpture By The Sea exhibition. Around 100 artists get to select a spot along the Bondi to Tamarama coastal walkway to plonk their sculptures. This was the first year that I saw it. Some were hideous, some were great, some I didn't even notice! There were obvious crowd pleasers, like the melted icecream van on Tamarama beach, some huge ones by 'big' artists, and some smaller ones.

When I first saw this, I didn't like it at all. There are actually three together, a green and red one also (perhaps I should have posted a pic of all of them?). But after a while of pondering, which Pod often likes to do, I ended up really liking it. The positioning is perfect, and if all the other sculptures weren't there, this would have made more of an impact. It reminds me of something from Alice In Wonderland. Perhaps if you crawled inside and drew the curtains, you would find yourself in a different land when you opened them again......

I might post a few more photos of the pieces that caught the eyes of Pod, but then I might not.......

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I went snorkeling at Gordon's Bay on Sunday, which is only 10 minutes from my house. It was a very warm day, but a little overcast. Some friends had been snorkeling before me, and were egging me on to go in, but I was having a little moan that the water would be too cold, and I was thinking 'I don't want to go in, leave me alone!'. I did however make the effort, and after an initial wince, the water was very warm, and I slipped immediately into another world of quite and calm.

I came across a little school of baby squid, all speckled pink and brown. I followed them around, observing the way in which they swam, and I tried to do the same, but was mostly unsuccessful. One of them glanced sideways at me, and I am pretty sure if it had an eyebrow, it would have raised it. Three smallish fish, black and yellow stripey things, darted up from the seaweedy forest below and circled the baby squid, who reacted by squirting out little clouds of dark ink, which hung in the water and formed shapes almost identical to themselves. The fish instead then went for the inky ghosts and came away with nought but sepia lips, whilst the babies made a speedy getaway.

If I hadn't have gone in, I wouldn't have been witness to this spectacle. I pondered it for a while and realized how very lucky I am, and also how one almost always gains something from doing something that one might not really have wanted to do, just because one 'couldn't be bothered'. There are so many awe-inspiring and beautiful things in the universe. If only we would see them. Sometimes there seems to be so much doom or negativity or personal struggle, but we are all very lucky to be here. There is so much to see, and sometimes when everything may seem against you, it is still wonderful enough just to be alive.

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with what I just said, other than when I was wondering around on a rainy day in Hamilton, NZ wandering why I was there, I found this, and was again happy and grateful.

Have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Ok, I think it is time to say fare ye well Rebecca!! I have finished an intense paediatrics course, and entertained a lovely guest all week, and so I haven't had time to sift through all my photos to come up with something interesting (well, to me at least). Note the combining of saying good bye, and the paediatric theme of the photo. Not just a pretty face.

Summer is coming! Yesterday I went snorkeling, only 10 minutes away from home, and I watched a little school of baby squid squirting their dark ink at a few yellow and black striped fish that were circling them looking hungry. It seemed to confuse them for long enough for the squid too escape. I felt very lucky to witness the whole thing, especially so close to my house. So what will I be buying today? An underwater case for my new digital camera, so that I can attempt some aquatic shots.

Right, enough waffling. Hope you're all well. Big Pod hug for anyone that wants one! Oh and just one last shot of the wonderful Rebecca.......

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hey guys. Sorry i am churning these out a bit. I haven't time to think too creatively. Hope Rebecca isn't boring you too much. Just for Inc i will make it a baker's dozen. Two more days and Pod will return to his former attentive self. Have lovely weekends all of you. Keep off the sherry!

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Monday, November 13, 2006


Woops, just noticed that it is a few days since I posted anything. I am currently on a rather intensive course and have nil spare time, or should have no spare time, but look at me now. I have so many images of the lovely Rebecca, but I don't really know when to stop. I think maybe one or two more, and then it is time for a change (not that I don't love you Rebecca!!).

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A couple of years ago in New Zealand, I had the complete fortune to meet two of the most wonderful wee Scottish lasses (collectively known as 'The Glazzers'), Rebecca and Natalie. They are the funniest and loveliest ladies I have met in ages. We instantly struck a chord, and became great friends. So many laughs and great memories. I miss them LOADS!! Whilst there, Rebecca asked me to take some photos for her portfolio. So we filled the car with mountains of opshop clothes, and sped off towards Hamilton in search of some prime locations. Not an easy task, believe me, but we did quite well I think. So here cometh the series titled 'Rebecca'

I miss you both so much, you should be here!!

Friday, November 03, 2006


Last night I either dreamt this, or I woke up with these words in my head. I thought this photo went with the words, so alas, again I lie to you all, the street art series continues.....

Last night I dreamt I got hit
My friend asked '...By a stick?'
My sister asked 'What, by a fist?'
I said 'No, with a kiss'

Just wanted to say congratulations to Steve 'Smartypants' Reed for his excellent detective work. The face on the wall below is Sir John Monash, and is found on the Australian $100 banknote. I would like to point out that to those who don't know, I am not Australian, and should therefore not be thought of as stoopid for not knowing that. Not only is Mr Reed a cleverclogs, but he it is also his birthday!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006


OK, so I lied a little. The Poddington beastie was not the last in the series, but only because I found these last night when I was attempting to catalogue the hundreds of photos I have taken since I have been back in Sydney. I had totally forgotten about this fellow, so I was pleasantly surprised when my eyes fell upon him. He is/was on the cemetery wall in Newtown (the back wall is emblazoned with graffiti, I will show you some more at some point...very effective against the backdrop of the church, though I expect some of the churchgoers disapprove). Since the caged beast reminded us all of Where The Wild Things Are, I had to post this. Is it Joseph Stalin, or am I being podbrained again? I love the little "how did you do this?" scribble....

Oh and by the way, did you know that Spike Jonze is making the film version.....?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


As we are on the subject of beasties, here is another I found whilst wandering around Paddington last week, testing out my new camera. It was in a really out of the way, fairly wealthy residential area, down a little alley way. There were three other 'pieces', one by a favourite artist of mine who puts the same character all over town in some great locations. I will show you those sometime. This is the end of Pod's street art section for the time being. I have lots and lots more, but I won't overload you with too much at once. What will be next I wonder?

Oh, what do you think of the bigger pictures? Should I stay big, or go back to small...?