Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Aaaah! Ain't that cute folks? Don't normally do cute (do I?), but I saw these little fellas in the park on Sunday and thought 'aaah'.

So I think spring has sprung here, which means winter cometh for some of you.


Am just off to watch the lunar eclipse; picnic rug, fish and chips and cheap plonk in hand (class all the way).

Wish you were here!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thursday, August 16, 2007


Phew, well, the course is finally over. After a few weeks of feeling totally creatively uninspired, at the 11th hour, the podbrain kicked into gear and I had a vision for my final project. I shall be putting one image into to the exhibition, and I now have an ongoing project to work on (will post an example soon). Before I did the course I was pretty much wondering around fairly aimlessly (which I am pro at) just taking pictures of things that caught my eye. I think that can work for me, and in some ways think that is Pod style. Since doing the course I have been over-analysing and way too critical of the images I have made, and as a consequence feel that I haven't produced anything of much interest.It has also been quite challenging being forced to take pictures, rather than in my own time, and I am now looking forward to more aimless wandering. Saying that, I am eyeing up another course next term. A bigger one. Watch out.

Meantime, I shall come out from beneath my toadstool, and sit atop it, waiting for something interesting to pass me by. Hopefully I now have some time to devote to you guys again.

Speaking of (toad)stools, on Sunday I fell off a stool and into the wardrobe, whilst putting a pillow on the top shelf. I landed in a selection of jackets (and shouted a few expletives into a pocket). A few hours later my neck seized up and gave me some insight into the world of my patients....I have a little more sympathy now! All better, fear not.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


A strange series of events and coincidences of the last 24 hours, left me staring up at the sky, silently shouting 'what are you trying to tell me?!', so after work,I dashed to the sea in the hope that the wind would bring some clarity. When I saw the little rainbow, I definitely knew that someone was trying to tell me something, but WHAT?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


As I am pushed for time, here is one of my favourite views over Sydney, from Watson's Bay. To me, Sydney has the kind of skyline a child would draw. I love it. Hope the sun shineth upon ye!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Hey! Sorry for my quietness, mainly due to the course that I am doing on colour theory. I have had lots of (quite boring and unimaginative) homework to do. All necessary and it will help me in the end, but there hasn't been much scope for creativity. So most of the pictures I have made recently have literally been a load of old rubbish (see above example). Of course I am now thinking way too much before I shoot, and consequently taking less photographs. Bear with me, I will be back soon, and I will visit/comment when I can.

In other news, we had a 23 degree day here today (it is winter), so I sat atop my hill in the sun. 'Twas bliss!

Keep warm folks!