Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Hey! Sorry for my quietness, mainly due to the course that I am doing on colour theory. I have had lots of (quite boring and unimaginative) homework to do. All necessary and it will help me in the end, but there hasn't been much scope for creativity. So most of the pictures I have made recently have literally been a load of old rubbish (see above example). Of course I am now thinking way too much before I shoot, and consequently taking less photographs. Bear with me, I will be back soon, and I will visit/comment when I can.

In other news, we had a 23 degree day here today (it is winter), so I sat atop my hill in the sun. 'Twas bliss!

Keep warm folks!


Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

I'm sorry your course isn't more interesting, and I'm certain you're thinking "too much" ?? before shooting, but still this is a fabulous pic.

Discarded vacuum cleaners are so sad, aren't they?

Stay warm, dah-link!

10:36 PM  
Blogger Ai said...

At first sight I thought someone was lying beneath the cover, the shadow looks like a head.

Sadly enough, I've seen homeless people campimg this way in the streets of N.Y. and Paris.

A wonderful photo - wonderful in its expression of utter loneliness, and menacing despair.

I too am very tied up with my work right now, sorry if my answers to your nice comments on my blog are somewhat delayed.


11:46 PM  
Blogger lettuce said...

i think you should call it Not-quite-summer rather than winter. 23' doesn't qualify.

1:31 AM  
Blogger lettuce said...

or, of course, you could call it "British summer"

1:31 AM  
Blogger get zapped said...

Well, I'm happy you are seeing the good in your class, and I'm sure it will pay off. I loved the image of you sitting upon the hill sunning

So keep enjoying and it's nice to hear from you ;)

3:32 AM  
Blogger Shelly Lowenkopf said...

With this one image, you slip through the mindless technicality of your course somewhat like the ghost of Hamlet's father, imploring us to look closer about us.

And we do.

3:38 AM  
Blogger Nathalie said...

Glad we got an explanation for the long silence, I was gettin worried!
Looking fwd to seeing your new works in due course. In the mean time, would you be kind enough to tell me what you think of mine ? I value your comments.

11:29 AM  
Blogger raindog said...

my how i love a good graffiti shot. very nice dr. pod! i am, however, a bit jealous of your weather. the southern u.s. in the summer is quite unbearable.

1:25 PM  
Blogger Reya Mellicker said...

Pod you are so CUTE as a Simpson!!! Bravo!!

10:42 PM  
Blogger J. David Zacko-Smith said...

Hey Pod - as usual, a wonderful photo!

Since you "rubbed it in" when it was winter here and summer there, I can tell you with some satisfaction that it's been 80 degrees (F) here, and that I've been going to the beach. *WINK* It's true!


12:56 AM  
Blogger Ben said...

Pod, thinking about the image you are going to take before pushing your shutter button is necessary process. There is no such "too much thinking" but you also need to count your instinct in the calculation.

This is great in tone and balance!

6:48 AM  
Blogger Faye Pekas said...

I love old stuff so this is great. I also thought there was a person lying under the cardboard.

I'm glad you're back. Sounds like the class will pay off once you get through the boring part :)

2:52 PM  
Blogger etain_lavena said...

hhhhuuummmmmmmm......the pic, is well hummmm....stuff:)

11:38 PM  
Blogger Lynne said...

Other people's cast-off are rather sad, aren't they? No one wants them anymore, so there they sit—lonely and abandoned.

I like your new pic! What a cute little suit. You look so surprised! :)

4:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

joni mitchell never lies

9:47 AM  
Blogger Gary said...

You know Poddy, I ran into the same dilemma when I took acting classes at The Lee Strasberg Institute in NYC. Suddenly I started to question everything I did and wondered how I ever acted on stage in the first place. Sometimes it is a good thing and sometimes it stifles our inner voice.
I am confident you will work it out. BTW, keep dreaming!

11:56 AM  
Blogger d. chedwick bryant said...

mithed you.

loved the ancient hairdryer--am still working on a post for it.

12:03 PM  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

It's sorta like learning a new sport -- becoming conscious of every movement, unlinking them and then relinking them, one feels clumsy and stiff and takes a step back from a fluid truth.

But then, as the new things become seamless, invisible, a new part of who you are, you'll fly faster and further.

Sending you thoughts of Texas heat and future mastery...


6:55 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

Loving the new South Park you :-)

8:26 AM  
Blogger Jazzy said...

that's a lot of rubbish, haha, i wouldn't need any of those, hope they can be recycled.
i'm sure the studying will pay at the end, it's good it's winter there otherwise you would want to be on the beach all the time.
have a nice week Pod(dy)!

8:53 PM  
Blogger Joel Reynolds said...

Good stuff, man. South Park, eh? Hilarious. You look a bit like "Butters". Have a good one.


2:03 AM  
Blogger Bob Dylan said...


I like your pictures. i liked what ai had to say as well.

take care,

3:00 AM  
Blogger Pod said...

REYA - hello love! there is something sad about an old hoover. oh boo hoo ;0)

Ai - look at you! i am now completely unsure what you actually look like! and thanks for the encouragement!

LETTY - oh, we did have winter. for a week.....

ZIPPY - it will all pay off in the end, thanks!

SHELLY - your comments make me feel the same way i do when i smell freshly buttered toast!

NAT - no need to worry about me! i shall pop over to comment shortly! miss you already ;0(

RDOGGIE - well, you should experience one here! it can get pretty scorching. but then, there's always the clear blure ocean just a walk away for a quick dip....

JD - hurrah! catch it while you can. i shall be rubbing it in again very soon ;0)

BEN - yes i know. bu there's thinking, and there's THINKING! i think it's more to do with having to take photos than actually wanting to?

FAYENESS - yes it will all help in the end! thanks!

ETAIN- sure is! hope all is well

LYNNE - the suit is cute hey? it pretty much looks like me too!

ANON - no, she does not. but toni arthur does...

GAZZA - terrible! i am sure i take worse shots now than the spontaneous ones in my former life! i don't think i'll ever stop dreaming though ;0)

CHED - aah, did you? tis a sorry thing that isn't mithed ;0)

LORI - i know, but tis so tiresome at the mo! thanks fo rthe encouragement ;0)

DONNA - suits me perfectly! hope you're ok? x

JAZZY - tee hee. you have a nice week too ;0)

JOEL - i am a bit like butters! ;0P

BOB - i am honoured that you took time out from your tour to speak to little old me. ain't ai schweet?

7:58 PM  
Blogger Ratzfatz said...

ok dude .... good luck for your "homework"!
I wish you a nice weekend!

9:14 AM  

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