Sunday, September 28, 2008


The heat has returned. It is meant to be spring, yet we have had some days this week above 30 degrees, which has meant balmy days and warm scented nights. Gone are chilly morning fuelled quick steps to the bathroom. Gone is the need to linger under the hot shower. Gone is Paul Newman (farewell you wonderful man.....but I won't miss be missing your salad dressings I'm afraid).

Welcome nude breakfasts and nudey sunbaking in the back garden (despite being pelted with seeds by the myna birds!). Welcome sleeping with only a sheet, and welcome being able to poke one's bottom out of the sheets without fear of waking with frostbitey. However, and herein lies the danger, when one doesn't expose one's bottom on these hot nights, one is liable to overheat and dream that the moon is in fact inhabitated, and then one is subjected to witness the earthly chaos that ensues.....

All in all though, summer is coming

Now all I need is you

And you

Oh, and you!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008